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Psychotherapy and Counselling in Oxford

Penelope Barnes

Feeling out of your depth?

All of us feel out of our depth at some point in our lives.  Whether it's experienced as depression, anxiety or stress, sometimes as a result of things that have happened, or in a general way that isn't clearly understood. In both instances, this is an indication that we need to take note of what we are experiencing and come to terms with what we need.  Our emotions often have something to tell us about things we are trying to avoid but need to address if we let them.

This can be resolved without professional help but, sometimes, the problems persist, creating difficulties at work, or in our relationships with others etc. This can be because current issues are stirring up feelings from the past of which we are not consciously aware.


Professional Help

In this situation, professional counselling or psychotherapy can help, by enabling us to address these issues, and to understand more hidden aspects of ourselves.

As a UK Registered Counsellor (UKRC) and British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) accredited therapist, I can work with you as an individual on a wide range of difficulties that are encountered in life. As well as the issues mentioned above, I can also help with addictions, phobias, relationship difficulties, eating disorders, and low self-esteem amongst others.  I don't however work as a couples therapist.


Counselling and Therapy for Teenagers

I also have extensive experience of working with those of 16 years of age and above. If you are a parent with concerns about your child, please feel free to contact me to discuss how I can help. Be it depression, family relationships, anxieties, eating disorders or behavioural problems, I would suggest you email me using the contact form with your concerns and we can take it from there.

How I Can Help You

I can offer you short-term counselling, focused on a specific problem such as a major life change; or open-ended psychotherapy, which is more suitable for a deeper exploration and more thorough review of your life.

I work by helping you to understand yourself, leading to greater acceptance of who you are. We would then work towards finding resolutions to the conflicts and difficulties you experience, in whatever way that you'll feel comfortable with.

In a reliable and confidential setting, I can give you

  • the chance to think about what isn't working for you and why,
  • an opportunity to make sense of your individual circumstances,
  • choices for change,
  • support during the process of change.

I will encourage you to use the sessions to reflect on whatever is on your mind, such as thoughts, feelings, memories, even dreams. By listening, questioning and reflecting on what surfaces, we can begin to make sense of your experiences, leading to new insights, different ways of seeing things, and even alternative ways of being.  As a direct consequence of this, our lives change and people respond to us differently, thus making for lasting change.


Exploratory Discussion

Please get in touch, using the details on the Contact page, for an initial discussion, so that we can talk about how I can best help you.